COVID-19: SAF to further suspend basic military training till 1 June

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ORNS Training Cycle

Lifelong buddies, service to Singapore, personal development — the best things in NS life are priceless. This article was first published on 1 July , and updated with the latest information. These include interpersonal skills honed by living with and working with people from all walks of life, forging lifelong bonds of friendship and gaining a wider network. In addition to the abovementioned, there is also something immensely useful from the Singapore Armed Forces SAF that Singaporean men can and should make full use of in the civilian life — their eMart credits.

It is responsible for providing effective and convenient access to personal logistics items to SAF personnel. The e-Mart credits system was introduced to give service personnel the flexibility and autonomy to plan for replacement of their own personal equipment, while ensuring overall waste is kept to a minimum.

NRIC (when they reached their Operationally Ready Date) or their National Service Read Also: 6 Ways It (Literally) Pays To Be An NSman.

National Service Registration for male Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents born between 1 October and 1 January both dates inclusive will be conducted between 30 October and 19 November both dates inclusive. Speeches 20 Aug Singapore’s defence policy is fundamentally based on the twin pillars of deterrence and diplomacy. Find out more here! Any registrant may apply, whether online or personally, for the postponement of his liability to report for enlistment in order to complete his studies in Singapore.

If the application for postponement is successful, the registrant will receive a further notice from the proper authority as to when he is to report for enlistment. Any registrant who does not meet the postponement criteria, or is not successful in his application for postponement, must: a during registration, appoint a date between 14 October and 10 November both dates inclusive for his medical screening; and b go for his medical screening at CMPB on the appointed date between 8am and 1pm.

If in doubt, registrants should call the NS Call Centre at the toll-free telephone number or e-mail them at contact ns. Cybersecurity is a new domain essential to our national security. They will be trained to deal with advanced cyber threats, engage in real-world cyber operations and contribute to the national cyber ecosystem. Pre-enlistees who are interested in using their cybersecurity skills during their National Service are welcome to apply.

PayNow’s e-payment speeds up IPPT cash prizes for NSmen

Having a staff member going on reservist to serve in the military can be a disruption to your business. Here are some guidelines to be aware of. Business owners employing NSmen need to be aware of the rights and responsibilities of both themselves and their employees. Here are the basics. From around 18 years of age, every male Singaporean citizen does two years of national service and remains in the defence forces on a reserve basis until age 40, or 50 if a commissioned officer.

NSmen can be called for up to 40 days of national service every year.

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The concession card can be used until the end of full-time National Service. Once concession eligibility has expired, the card can no longer be used and you will need to purchase an Adult Stored Value Card for daily commuting. That’s great! Well not just yet… before you can start using your shiny new concession card, you will have to activate the card first. There sure are! Concession passes cannot be overlapped in dates.

Discover NS

Please read the instructions overleaf carefully before filling up the claim form. It will take you about 10 minutes to complete this form. To be completed in full by the employer and submitted only if the employer will not be paying the employee his civilian salary for the above mentioned period of NS training. Any amendments made must be initialled.

This SAF Officer Developed An App That Lets NSmen Track which would allow NSmen to check packing lists and training programmes, you stories of remarkable people and ideas, and keep you up-to-date on technology.

Mr Heng was speaking during his ministry’s Committee of Supply debate. The raise includes increments in both rank and vocation allowance components. Registration for the trial ends on Apr These coordinators will come from Foreign System Schools and Privately Funded Institutions, he said, adding that some pre-enlistees are new citizens and permanent residents who might not have family or friends who have undergone NS. For instance, the Central Manpower Base CMPB is trialling a real-time queue management system and facial recognition technology to cut waiting times during the pre-enlistment process.

In June, it will implement improved eServices, like a single online transaction for bond and exit permit applications, so future servicemen can complete most transactions online. On top of that, virtual consultations at SAF medical centres and telemedicine devices like digital stethoscopes will allow quicker and more convenient access to medical services. Measures to improve the NS experience. Dr Maliki also revealed that MINDEF will conduct engagement sessions in the second half of this year to hear from Singaporeans on how Total Defence can be strengthened and better put into action.

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Each year, there are between 15, to 18, Singaporean males beginning their NS obligation. The Club, however, has a limited capacity, especially in terms of the golfing facilities. As such, term membership allows us to strike a balance between ensuring a membership priority for new generations of NSmen and making sure that all our facilities are fully utilised.

Date: 30 April Contact: Eric Tey. Tel: Hp: All NS Personnel. Pre-Enlistees. NSFs. NSmen. Relevant throughout the NS Life Cycle​.

The new format comprises push-up and sit-up stations, and a 2. These 3 stations measure the strength and cardiovascular fitness of our servicemen. This new and simpler format was designed to allow servicemen to train and maintain their fitness, without the need for specialised technique or equipment. Fitness is a personal responsibility. This simpler test format will further motivate our servicemen to take greater ownership of their fitness, and incorporate these exercises into their daily routine to maintain their fitness.

Servicemen will be allocated points for their performance in each of the three stations. The maximum points servicemen may earn for each station are 50 points for the 2. The maximum points a serviceman can achieve in the IPPT is As an incentive to motivate participants to do well in the IPPT, the following monetary awards are put in place:. A monetary award based on the best standard achieved by the officer in the work year will be given, regardless of the number of attempts made.

For example, if an officer has attained a silver standard, he will be given the respective monetary award and should he achieve a gold standard subsequently, the difference in monetary award between the silver and gold will be credited to him. The monetary incentives will only apply to those completing the full 3-station IPPT with the 2. All uniformed personnel may be medically exempted for a maximum of 2 out of 3 stations.

The pass standards for participants with partial exemptions are provided in the table below:.

5 things every national serviceman (nsf) needs to do to prepare for life after ord

Some 2, pre-enlistees due for enlistment in May will be administratively enlisted on their scheduled enlistment dates, and need not physically report for BMT, said the Ministry of Defence Mindef on Wednesday 22 April. They will stay at home until the BMT suspension is lifted, and informed of their new reporting date, it added. The BMT suspension will affect a total of some 6, recruits, said Mindef.

To ensure their operationally ready date ORD will not be affected, the SAF will make adjustments to their training, it added. As such, servicemen in active units undergoing operational training and SAF training schools, such as the Officer Cadet School and Specialist Cadet School, will continue to adhere to enhanced safety measures as previously announced.

Eligible NSmen will each receive $3, at each of the milestones. Completion of NSF: The NSman’s Operationally Ready Date (ORD).

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They are generally well-educated and keen to lead active lifestyles. They want to read about the latest in food, fashion, entertainment, travel and fitness, and stay up to date with the latest SAFRA activities. The bimonthly magazine covers food, entertainment, food, fitness as well as relationship tips that is tailored to the social and recreational needs of SAFRA members.

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PA honours NSmen with special deals in July

Frequently Asked Questions. You must be a Singapore citizen aged 21 and above on 30 September and have either:. This is determined based on your age, NS status, employment status, income level and type of housing, according to the tables below:. Employed Singaporeans As at August Self-Employed Singaporeans As at August Non-Employed Singaporeans As at August

* Activation of concession pass can be made up to 7 days in advance from your travel start date. Concession passes cannot be overlapped in dates. * Unused.

Serving the nation builds your character to be stronger every day and POSB is proud to be growing along with you on your journey as an NSF. Don’t have one? Sign up here! You can even choose the monthly contribution date. Get more out of every dollar you spend with exclusive benefits islandwide. Apply now. I need a separate account for my NS salary crediting.

How do I apply for it? For your NS salary crediting, simply click here to apply for a Deposit Account. All account fees will be waived for you up till you turn 29 years old. However, the Cash Gift Interest will not be applicable after 24 months from your first contribution date or after your ORD date, whichever is earlier. As my NS rank allowance is expected to increase over time, am I able to increase the monthly contribution amount over time?

Yes, you may increase your monthly contribution amount any time.

NSman Relief (Self, Wife and Parent)

NSman Relief is to recognise their contributions to National Service. This relief is allowed based on national service done in the previous work year i. NSman Wife and NSman Parent Reliefs are also given to the wives and parents of NSmen respectively to recognise the support they give to their husbands and sons. You do not need to claim this relief as IRAS will automatically grant it to you based on your eligibility.

The , NSmen in the SAF, Singapore Police Force and the Singapore for NS duty within 6 months from the date of eEP application, his application must.

While some may find it demanding, it is absolutely critical for maintaining our sovereignty. To understand why, it may be worth spending some time to read through the following information and acquaint yourself with the history and facts of NS. NS is a mandatory conscription and duty that every male citizen and PR must undertake upon attaining the age of Our national servicemen form the backbone of these three uniformed Services that keep Singapore safe and secure.

To date, more than , male Singaporeans have served NS and journeyed through this rite of passage. For many, this defining experience bonds servicemen from different backgrounds and across generations.


Finland, Communication No. The text of the Views is appended to the present document. Having concluded its consideration of communication No. Having taken into account all written information made available to it by the authors of the communication, their counsel and the State party,. Adopts its Views under article 5, paragraph 4, of the Optional Protocol.

Date of communication: 11 June (initial submission) Ilmari L nsman et al. under the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on.

For the Academic Year , applications opened on 16 October and will close on 22 March , At SMU, we are committed to a holistic and aptitude-based approach in selecting suitably-qualified applicants for admission. Please email us at admissions smu. Kindly indicate your full name and application number in your email. You will not be penalised. We will treat it as a fresh application each time you apply.

You compete with a new pool of applicants in each admission exercise. Applications must be submitted online. There are no hardcopy or downloadable application forms. Applications submitted from forms that are downloaded and printed from the website will not be accepted. If you wish to submit other documents on top of the online submission, you may send the hardcopy documents to SMU either by mail or by hand via the Drop box:.

For the purpose of admission to SMU’s undergraduate degree programmes, diplomas awarded by foreign or private institutions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

11 Types of NSmen in Reservist